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The Replica Breguet Watches name naturally evokes strong reactions from anyone who has even the most passing interest in the history of horology. From Abraham-Louis to the modern company that Nicholas Hayek recently brought into the fold of The Swatch Group, Breguet Watches has long been at the center of horological excellence. This year has been particularly important for the company for several reasons, the first and most important one being that the shape and style of company fake Breguet watches will become under the direction of Hayek is fast becoming more apparent.

The imposing strength of The Swatch Group and the ebullient character of its CEO were cited by many, perhaps unsurprisingly, as the reasons why the imitation Breguet watches name should have been preserved as an independent house. After all, how could such a hallowed name be other than tarnished in the hands of a company that was more concerned with the unit price of quartz movements than proper horology? And anyway, didn’t Hay- ek buy Breguet Australia only because he missed out on the purchase of the LMH brands (IWC, JaegerLeCoultre and A. Lange & Sohne)?

Those shocked by such rampant commercialization of the Breguet Watches Australia name should look back to the example set by the great Abraham-Louis himself. Not only was Marie-Antoinette one of his most importantclients, but part of his genius was his ability to market both himself and his watcheswitness the ‘Souscription’ scheme whereby clients paid de- posits and installments, only receiving the watch with the final payment.

Perhaps the most noteworthy element of replica Breguet watches australia plans for the future concern the development of a set of boutiques devoted entirely to the house. There is already the Place Vendome store, which also acts as home to the cheap Breguet watches Museum and this is the model for locations such as New York and, just opened, London. Swiss Replica Breguet Watches Australia is also closely involved with the Tourbillon stores that are devoted to haute horlogerie from a selection of the major houses.